Coolearth Software: Complete solutions for process control, supply chain execution, and quality assurance

Employee costs soaring? Tired of dealing with spreadsheet after spreadsheet and repetitious forms managing your processing plant? Feel like your data is not as accurate as it should be? Worried about audits? Maybe your current supply chain execution software solution is lacking and not living up to the hype sold to you originally?

Coolearth Software can solve these issues and concerns by:
– Reducing Head-count
– Digitizing Paperwork
– Regulatory Compliance
– Trace-ability
– And much, much more!

Coolearth Software is a leading provider of supply chain execution solutions to food & beverage, chemical, and other process manufacturers. We offer complete solutions for Process Control, Supply Chain Execution (SCE), Quality Assurance and ERP integration.

Robust software management tools like:
– Business Intelligence (BI)
– Process Control
– Supply Chain Execution (SCE)
– Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration
– Quality Assurance and Quality Control Solutions
– Hybrid Production Facilities Solutions
– Integrated Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)
– Shop Floor Execution
– Recall Management
– Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration
– GS-1 Barcode Compliance
– Automated Data Collection

Coolearth products go beyond traditional distribution center systems by actually cutting costs and improving efficiency — labor and materials usage — in the plant, the warehouse, and the laboratory.

Why Coolearth SCE, ERP and shop floor solutions:
– Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)
– Increased Productivity, BI, and Customer Service
– 100% Customer Satisfaction

Coolearth makes it easy. With packaged features for complex process manufacturing needs and seamless out-of-box ERP integration, Coolearth solutions can be up and running fast. Our field engineers can tailor a solution quickly, set up mobile monitoring of everything that impacts efficiency and quality, and deliver verified ROI data right from the start.

See how Coolearth Software is helping these clients:
Safeway, Lopez Foods, Ed Miniat, National Frozen Foods, Wayne Farms to name a few.

Want to learn more about how Whistle SCE/WMS, CaseForge, Inspec QA-QC and Coolearth BI can provide your organization with maximum benefits at a fraction of the cost and implementation time of comparable solutions?

From simple to complex… If you process, manufacture, or distribute goods, call us @ 206-770-9061 for a presentation and/or demo today! We’re warming production and cooling costs for leading companies across the U.S., Canada and internationally.

Rapid ROI, increased productivity, customer service and 100% customer satisfaction! Coolearth Software!


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