Bondo Goes Live with Coolearth’s Whistle SCE

Coolearth Software is pleased to announce that Bondo Corporation went live today with Whistle SCE.  This is the first stage of the implementation.  Bondo is expected to be fully live on the Whistle SCE by mid May.

Once fully live, Whistle will seamlessly interact between the warehouse users and the ERP system.  Whistle will be responsible for shipping approximately 200 or more orders a day.  In conjunction with Whistle, Bondo Corporation has also implemented Coolearth Software’s Dashboard reporting tool to give them a live view into their warehouse and ERP data through a web page front end.  The Dashboard will allow supervisors to choose, plan, and assign to pickers which orders are to be staged and shipped each day.

Whistle SCE will also be responsible for Bondo’s receiving and production.  With its seamless integration, Whistle SCE will talk to the ERP system and report all new production and receipts as they happen.  The integration is the key.  Without the seamless integration back to the ERP, Whistle SCE would be just another flimsy warehouse “management tool” seen everywhere in the market today.  Using barcode scanners and fork truck mounted units, users will be able to manage the warehouse through easy to follow and use screens with no personal interaction with the ERP.  With Whistle, you always know where your product is.

Dashboard will be a turnkey solution for the floor supervisors.  Some of the abilities that Dashboard provides the floor supervisors are visibility into order fulfillment rates, completion statistics, product shortages and production schedules for product shortages.  In the event of a product shortage, the supervisor will be able to use Dashboard to choose what orders should be shipped based on the expected production dates and total sales value of each order. In cases where a recall may need to be issued, Dashboard immediately shows not only where the bad product is in the warehouse, but also tracks what production orders issued it and which finished products may have been shipped.

About Bondo Corporation
Bondo Corporation, based in Atlanta, GA, manufactures and markets automotive body repair, household repair, and marine products under the Bondo, Mar-Hyde, Bondo Home Solutions, Dynatron, Marson, Laiminex, and Bondo Marine brand names. Bondo’s extensive product line has over seven hundred items designed for consumer and professional use. Its products are distributed through an extensive network of mass merchandisers, automotive parts retailers, and jobbers nationwide and in more than 100 countries.

About Coolearth Software
Coolearth is a leading provider of supply chain execution solutions to food & beverage, chemical, and other process manufacturers. Solutions from Coolearth are designed to fulfill the unique needs of hybrid production facilities requiring integrated warehouse management and shop floor execution solutions. Coolearth products go beyond traditional warehouse management systems built for distribution centers by cutting costs and improving efficiency throughout the entire production facility.

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