Coolearth Announces Machine Vision System for Process-Industry Manufacturers

Coolearth Software presents current and future customers with a Whitepaper for the CEVS-Coolearth Machine Vision solution. This new application provides a highly unique and technologically-advanced application which allows for sophisticated, automated Quality Inspection procedures on the manufacturing shop-floor. This document includes an overview of the automation processes, integration, an analysis of expected savings and advantages, a description of the proposed project, and a preliminary project timeline.

Please contact us for the latest version of the Whitepaper:

About Coolearth Software
Coolearth is a leading provider of supply chain execution solutions to food & beverage, chemical, and other process manufacturers. Solutions from Coolearth are designed to fulfill the unique needs of hybrid production facilities requiring integrated warehouse management and shop floor execution solutions. Coolearth products go beyond traditional warehouse management systems built for distribution centers by cutting costs and improving efficiency throughout the entire production facility.

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