Carsten Erickson

Co-Founder, Chairman

Carsten co-founded Coolearth Software along with David Zimmerman in July 1997. With more than fifteen years of experience in the design, development, implementation, and support of manufacturing systems, Carsten has driven the vision and architecture of Coolearth’s Whistle SCE solution. Working with customer sponsors, Carsten designed and programmed the first version of Whistle in its entirety, and has overseen its direction with the continued growth of the company.

Before co-founding Coolearth, Carsten was a senior technical consultant at SCT Corporation (now Infor), where he helped Fortune 500 customers install, configure, and enhance the ADAGE ERP system. Carsten worked closely with process manufacturers in several industries, including food, beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Carsten also worked as an independent consultant for Weyerhaeuser Company, where he supported computer and network infrastructures, and developed manufacturing software designed to run on touch-screen monitors and handheld barcode scanners.

Carsten studied Physics as an undergraduate at the University of Washington in Seattle. While a student, Carsten started his own companies providing Linux distribution and web-based advertising.