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Columbus Foods re-invents sausage production

The retooled Columbus Foods plant near San Francisco may be the first sausage plant in history that you would WANT to see the process unfold.
Working with Coolearth Whistle and QCResults software, and guided by Coolearth consultants, the plant for the first time can track every ingredient, from every source, and monitors every step from processing…

Coolearth Releases QCResults, first cost-effective quality data-gathering system

PRESS RELEASES – April 15, 2011
Food technology is one of the toughest quality challenges, with zero margin for error. Even defining what quality is can be difficult.
Federally-regulated HACCP plans place burdens on every food service company to monitor complex products on a molecular, biological, and physical level. This creates massive data-recording and record-keeping requirements, and…

Columbus Foods Selects Coolearth Software’s Supply Chain Execution Solution

PRESS RELEASES – June 1, 2010
Columbus Foods Corporation Selects Coolearth Software’s Supply Chain Execution Solution to Streamline and Improve its Data Collection and Operations
A success story that epitomizes the American Dream began when the Italian-born founders of this family-owned business first came to America in 1917, bringing their traditional Italian recipes with them. Company founders…

Minnesota cheese manufacturer chooses Coolearth Whistle SCE solution

PRESS RELEASES – February 1, 2010
Coolearth Software announces a notable new customer for the Whistle SCE solution … a family-owned international cheese manufacturer and food ingredient company headquartered in Minnesota. This company, which keeps its vendor partners proprietary, owns and operates cheese and food ingredient companies throughout the U.S., and conducts world-wide sales operations through…