Coolearth Software has always focused on businesses that make stuff. To be more precise, companies that use a process to make individual products that are shipped to other locations.

In the food industry, we help companies create high-protein food products like chicken, salami, or hamburgers. Or high value prepared foods like cookies, pizza, bread or potato chips.

In the ice cream and fresh dairy spaces, we help companies manage the many short-cycle ingredients and precise temperature requirements for ice cream, novelties, cheeses, yogurts, and fluids. We help reduce waste and shorten inventory lead times, while saving labor and improving control throughout the supply chain from farm to consumer table.

In the beverage industry, our clients bottle, can and keg anything from water to beer, cola to dew, California wine to Columbian coffee.

Specialty Chemical companies who make fertilizers or any consumer packaged goods can benefit from our services.

Manufacturers who use machines or people to evaluate, sort, assemble, transform or package … and then ship the products in any direction … are perfect candidates for Coolearth solutions.

By offering complete turn-key solutions for all phases of the ingredient tracking, inventory control, processing, packaging, warehousing, and distribution operations, Coolearth delivers robust solutions that are affordable, custom-designed, field-engineered, and reliably maintained so that you are never down, never caught between arguing vendors, and never worrying about on-time safe delivery to your customers.