Coolearth Products Overview

Coolearth’s products fall into two categories and 4 activity areas.

The categories are software and integrated hardware.

Coolearth Software:

  1. Whistle WMS/SCE Effective, versatile process control and supply chain execution software  that tracks your ingredients, manufacturing and shop floor processes and efficiency, packaging, and delivery all the way through the supply chain to the end consumer. From farm to table, Whistle is an affordable, integrated solution.
  2. Production Reporting Station – Automated software for reporting new inventory at point of production. Whistle cases and containers are produced as needed, and proper interfacing to the ERP system is done.
  3. Inspec QA-QC – Automates your quality control data collection, and turns QC into a quality assurance profit center with real-time, instantaneous feedback that manages processes, reduces waste, and nips production problems in the bud.
  4. Dashboard data-reporting – A completely Web-based dashboard that supports your real-time decision making by providing a single, configurable view into all manufacturing and inventory data
  5. Machine Vision Our robust, cost-effective and versatile software approach to  machine monitoring.

Coolearth Hardware:

We integrate hardware such as mobile input handsets, cameras, barcode scanners, and robotic control devices so that we can deliver total solutions. Because we backstop your software, hardware, quality and sensor needs, you needn’t worry about issues that arise. We’ll solve all of them, because we spec’d and understand the hardware, and we wrote the software. We engage with you in making your production process and supply chain work at optimal efficiency, all the time.

The activity areas for our software and applied hardware are:

  1. Process Control or Manfacturing/shop floor management …..
  2. Supply Chain Execution from farm to table, from tanker to bottle or can, or from minerals in the ground to crystal in the cabinet.
  3. Quality Assurance, in which every measurable data point is automatically collected, tested against standards, and fed back to process control personnel or management for the purpose of reducing costs and increasing quality.
  4. Machine Vision, in which any operation that requires observation can be automated or assisted via a combination of optical sensors and software that we design, program, and integrate into your business model.