Production Line Reporting Station

The Best of Both Worlds! Coolearth’s popular full-featured CaseForge software (not light-features like our competition) combined with our pre-engineered hardware solution becomes a robust turnkey solution for production line labeling and reporting. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out the “right” total solution we already have it for you! Simple and easy!

Handle diverse production runs and unique line requirements easily.
Warehouse friendly touchscreen interface enhances operator productivity.
Simple networking capability allows front office oversight.
Easy correction functions enhance efficiency.
Pull out drawers designed for quick access.
Universally available components assure economical maintainability.
Complies with NTEP and Legal-for-Trade use.
NEMA-4X certified to withstand tough washdown environments.

CaseForge production line reporting station

Our CaseForge Production Line Reporting Station combines several elements (software, scale/indicator, controller and printer) onto a stainless steel washdown frame that enables either mobile or stationary use. Allows you to accurately and efficiently identify, weigh, label and report your production. Includes everything below for your all-in-one solution.

CaseForge Station

What’s Included:*
(1) CaseForge Line Production Reporting Software 🛈
(1) Plant Floor Stainless Steel Cart (Washdown enclosure) 🛈
(1) 24” Scale (IP69K, 250 lbs, RS-232, Roller conveyor top) 🛈
(1) 12” Resistive Touchscreen PC (IP65, WLAN, Monitor stand) 🛈
(1) Industrial Barcode Printer 🛈


* Also available in various configurations. Contact for details.


How it Works

Whether you’re chicken, fish or any food or beverage producer Coolearth has a report at point of production solution. Improve your line production and gain full oversight of materials’ inventory digitally. Coolearth’s CaseForge reporting software is a robust workstation for reporting new inventory at point of production. When combined with our dashboard, product cases and containers are produced as needed and can be optionally interfaced to an ERP system.

Coolearth’s CaseForge interface was designed for the line crew and/or manager to quickly pick their orders or items then
case → weigh → and create labels. Our goal is to decrease training time and keep mistakes at a minimum. Done!

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CaseForge Software
Case → Weigh → and Create Labels. Simple!
CaseForge Software
Label View for Accuracy!

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Hardware Components

CaseForge Production Line Reporting Station combines several elements (software, scale/indicator, controller and printer) onto a stainless steel washdown frame that enables either mobile or stationary use. Because we use universally available components we can not only assure economical maintainability but a long lasting investment.


Plant Floor Stainless Steel Cart

Our plant floor production carts offer heavy duty construction ensuring years of use in your industrial environment. The legs are supported by lower cross members to avoid bending due to physical abuse and they have durable, lockable casters, when needed. Our continuously welded cart construction ensures durability in a sanitary environment.

Mobile Cart Specifications:
– 304 stainless steel construction.

Washdown Enclosure:
– NEMA-4X rated.
– 32” wide x 22” high x 26” deep (outside dimensions).
– Front door hinged on top.
– 1⁄2-turn T-handle(s) on bottom of door.
– SS slide-out printer tray under the printer.
– Cord/cable entry point on back of enclosure.

– Stainless angle construction reduces pooling water.
– Bracket next to enclosure (left side) for weight indicator.
– 32” x 24” SS platform.
– Includes lockable SS casters or articulated feet.

Production Cart

Scale and Indicator

Our scales are built with heavy-duty components, innovative features and exceptional build quality for best-in-class protection against the damaging effects of shock, washdown and other environmental factors that can cause costly repairs and production downtime.

– 304 stainless steel construction.
– IP69K washdown protection.
– Bright red, 0.8″ tall 6 digit LED display.
– Units of measure: lb, kg, oz, g, or lb:oz.
– Legal for trade in the US and Canada.
– Dimension configuration software.
– Programmable custom data strings.

Scale Base:
– 304 stainless steel construction.
– Six-point overload protection provides 300% overload protection.
24” Roller Conveyor Option Included. (not shown)
– Ball Transfer Option. (not shown)

Commercial Scale

Touchscreen PC

Our industrial display solutions are specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. All components are easy to clean and disinfect. In addition, they are corrosion resistant which helps to prevent cross-contamination.

– 12.1″ Fanless Resistive Touchscreen Panel PC with Intel Atom Processor.
– Front panel is a true-flat color TFT LCD with resistive touch control.
– IP65 rating for resistance to dust and water.
– WLAN – Monitor Stand – Windows 10.

Industrial PC

Industrial Barcode Printer

Durable steel structural components can withstand years of abuse in extreme temperatures, dust, debris and other challenging industrial conditions, and meticulously engineered printing mechanisms provide 24/7 reliability to meet your high-volume production needs.

– Print Methods: Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing.
– Construction: Metal frame. Thin film printhead with E3.
– Communications: USB, Serial, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth® LE.
– Backlit, multi-line display including an intuitive menu, easy-to-use.
– Keypad and password protection.

barcode printer


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