Inspec Tablet Form Grid.

Coolearth’s Inspec QA-QC team is committed to improving its products and creating a better experience for our users. We have been working hard over the last month fixing bugs and updating Inspec. We are excited to announce new updates coming soon to Inspec. One of these changes improves the experience for tablet users. When you log in with a tablet and navigate to any form, you will immediately notice several changes.

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New Grid (Mobile & Tablet Mode)


If you are using a device equal to or smaller than an iPad mini (depending on the settings) you will see the new Form Grid. The form title is labeled at the top of the grid with the corresponding form instances listed below. You can sort the table by User, Date, and Status. The Action allows an admin or the owner of the form to delete a forms instance.

Clicking on the yellow “plus” button will start a new form instance and you will be redirected to fill out the form. If you need to use our old tablet grid, turn your tablet to landscape mode and the new tablet grid will be replaced with old grid.


Inspec New User Icons

All users now have a unique “User Icon”. The icon letters represent the first letter of the user’s first name and the first letter of the user’s last name. If the user does not provide a first and last name then algorithm will display the first two initials of their username. Your user icon will now appear at on the tablet grids when you start new form instances.


Inspec Tablet Grid Settings

Changing the grid settings is easy. Just remember a couple things, the grid settings are only available for users with the “Admin” role and changing the grid settings will affect all users.

  • Navigate to the old grid. If you are on an iPad or iPad mini, turn the screen to landscape mode.
  • Click on the settings icon (circled in yellow)
  • Select the width that you would like the new grid to appear. 1080 is for iPad and small desktop screens, 768px is for iPad mini and other smaller tablets, and 375px is for mobile devices, and lastly 0px will turn off the new grid.




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