Coolearth Services.

Coolearth products and services go hand in hand. We write software, then help you customize it to your operation, and support the entire process including the integration with other hardware in your plant, and the design and maintenance of your computer systems infrastructure … whatever you need for a complete solution in a cost-effective manner. Our software services/consulting services break down into three areas:

When you choose Coolearth software, you’re getting a lot more than a program. You’re getting a programmer who will customize it to your unique needs. We implement your solutions wherever you need to collect data, manage a shop floor or warehouse, label or track goods, automate quality data collection, or report to your management or regulatory authorities. We implement, install, train, troubleshoot, and ultimately maximize the effectiveness of your entire operation.

You already have systems in place. Monitoring equipment, computer systems, databases, proprietary gear that does a job you need to keep doing. When Coolearth comes in, we don’t act like a 900 lb. gorilla. We play nice with all the existing software and hardware. Most of the time our software can be integrated into hardware you already have. If our new technology solutions will work better on fresh equipment, we’ll build that into our proposal and roll out equipment upgrades with the new software and procedures that we set up for you. We may spec new handset devices, cameras, monitoring sensors, or even computers. And what we spec, we’ll install, configure, and break it in for you… so that your operations will continue to click along without a drop in production or an increase in mistakes. We partner with you to find total hardware and software solutions. (See Alliances.)

Infrastructure, Hardware.
Many of our customers don’t have their own IT department, or don’t have the personnel available to handle the additional work load of implementing an improved process or supply chain solution. So Coolearth often sets up the entire information system you need to run your plant and report effectively. We back up our truck and unload all the geeks and equipment you need to make your plant just hum along, effectively and hassle free!

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