Telemetry Solutions.


Our Telemetry solutions work in conjunction with Whistle SCE/WMS! Collect data that triggers processes on the shop-floor to collection and reporting on data that automate routines and frees up employees time trimming the bottom line costs. CERTS can work stand-alone as well!

ACRS – Telemetry Data Collection.

Coolearth’s sensor data collection software used to collect automated signals and potentially use them to triggering transaction processes on the shop-floor. Otherwise, as a stand-alone sensor value collector, it is invaluable in monitoring your shop-floor without the need for a user.

CERTS – Remote Telemetry System.

Coolearth’s service-based software designed to collect and record sensor and telemetry data across a series of networked devices to automate routine environmental data collection, provide better data fidelity and free employees to complete more valuable tasks. It helps provide and supplement trend-analysis, log sinks, and alerts.

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