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Fish Line Production

Report New Inventory at Point of Production

Whether you’re a chicken, fish or any food and beverage producer Coolearth has a report at point of production and labeling solution. Improve your line production and gain full oversight of materials’ inventory digitally. Coolearth’s CaseForge reporting software is a robust workstation for reporting new inventory at point of production. When combined with our dashboard, product cases and containers are produced as needed and can be optionally interfaced to an ERP system.


  Customized labels per item

  Different default labels per line

  Access to large number of data fields

  Printing architecture is configurable

  Central database storage of labels

  Bartender (or similar) printing systems

CaseForge can solve your point of production labeling and reporting.

Key Features

  Easy line set-up 
  Label print preview 
  Dynamic printer selection
  Scale devices by IP or serial
  Responsive scale inputs
  Offline mode 
  Label changes use variables 
  Upgrade process – build number 
  Dynamic Filters
  User-level preference settings
  Advanced permission system 
  Pack-off positions – auto-palletizing
  Optional – Scan verification
  Attribute data collection
  Various scale modes
  Production Issuing

Case. Weigh. Create.





Coolearth’s CaseForge interface was designed for the line crew and/or manager to quickly pick their orders or items then
case → weigh → and create labels. Our goal is to decrease training time and keep mistakes at a minimum. Done!

Smart CaseForge Setup

Build Your Production Process Lines

Intuitive Process

  Connect ERP for items, customers and orders data
  Setup lines, scales and printers
  Production Scheduler creates CaseForge orders
  Users select an order/item
  Capture the weight
  Print a label
  Report a product

Line Reporting Simple and Easy.


Catchweighted/Randomweight Reporting (with or without a palletizer) – Capture weight from a scale and report individual cases with highly customizable labels. Palletizer will generate pallet tags.


Netweight/Nominalweight Reporting with Giveaway (with palletizer) – Report pallets of netweighted cases. Cases can optionally be individually weighted to capture giveaway and has the same case label system as the catchweighted cases. Pallet tags are generated.


Bulk reporting Netweight/Nominalweight – Automatically generate pallets of netweighted items with pallet tags. Generic (uncasetracked) case labels may also be optionally printed in bulk (customized with production dates and order/lot information).


Bulk Reporting By Weight – Bulk containers can be reported and pallet tags generated. This can also be used for WIP. 

CaseForge can solve your point of production labeling and reporting.

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