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Business Intelligence Solution.

Business Intelligence solutions help in producing accurate reports by extracting data directly from your data source. BI solutions today eliminate the time consuming task of consolidating data manually. With digital data BI tools a company can now allow managers to monitor specific business data in real-time, anywhere, anytime. This gives managers a powerful tool with accurate data to make better decisions on what is happening now and to forecast for the future. BI solutions also focus on providing data security by using existing established security infrastructures to keep data private. A win-win.

Our BI Solution.

Coolearth BI is designed to integrate quickly and securely into your current solution, connecting directly to your database. Our BI tool will leverage pre-existing authentication models in order to safely sit wherever you desire, adopting your current processes and infrastructure.

coolearth business intelligence

Self-Service Reporting
Your company can now empower decision makers to decide when and how they access their data. Possibly eliminating ad-hoc reporting forever.

Striking Visualizations
Provide charts, graphs, and visualizations that will delight your users and bring their data to life.

Dashboards & Reports
Enable users to configure, customize,and share dashboards and reports in real-time at the speed of your business.


“In 2018, small organizations with up to 100 employees show the highest rate of BI penetration or adoption.”(Dresner Advisory Service, 2018 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study)


In an article by TBO International, it’s been shown that top-down change is only essential for companies during critical moments, while bottom-up change brings long-term improvements. With intelligent data analyses possible through a BI solution, a company can now be guided by the bottom line. As data is entered into the system, dashboards across different roles depend on the information needed while employees are connected by the same results. In some organizations without centralized reporting, this leads to decisions made on false assumptions. Instead, through BI products like Coolearth’s BI solution, everyone shares a single source of truth.

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Be Prepared.

Disruption is often unpredictable. When a market shifts and a business comes across a road block, BI makes it easy to pivot in a new direction. Data is selected and displayed based on the organization’s strengths, highlighting opportunities for additional revenue. With BI’s far-reaching effects, everyone within the organization can be prepared to make an impact where it’s needed.


“89% of business leaders believe that Big Data will revolutionize business operations just like the Internet did, making investment in business intelligence critical to process this vast volume of data.” (Accenture)


Bottom Line.

BI is a global phenomenon. Businesses across the world are using intelligent reporting tools to get ahead of the competition. As globalism becomes an increasing economic trend, businesses of all sizes will feel the regional effects BI has when a market is cornered. To keep up with accelerating change, many must improve internally to compete with the unexpected. Coolearth Software and the Coolearth BI solution have the knowledge and expertise to get your company to that next level and more importantly, competitive.

coolearth business intelligence

Responsive Design
Provide users with a consistent experience on any device with Coolearth’s fully responsive, web-based platform.

Integrated Security
Coolearth BI inherits your platform’s security model to maintain compliance with any privacy or security requirements.

Company Hero!
Become the analytics hero your company needs and your customers deserve.

Using data, business intelligence offers direct access to the bloodline of any organization. While the benefits of BI are substantial, it also can create challenges for your organization. For those deciding whether to invest in BI… give us a call @ 206-770-9061 to discuss if our Coolearth BI solution makes sense to your business and bottom line.



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Coolearth BI Solution uses the Izenda product as its solutions tool. Coolearth Software is a partner of Izenda and is not part of the Izenda company. Images and some content courtesy of Izenda. Resource article: Why Use Business Intelligence Tools? 10 Strategic Benefits