Inspec QA-QC - Quality Assurance

Quality Intelligence.

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Free your QC from guesswork, tribal knowledge and inefficiency with integrated workflow, data collection and analytics designed specifically for Food & Beverage manufacturing.

Coolearth’s Inspec QA-QC software, along with our consulting efforts and mobile data collection tools which we can integrate, will allow your organization to automate your quality assurance data collection.

Four reasons why you would want to automate quality control data collection:

  1. Inspec QA-QC will save time and money in your HACCP data collection.
  2. Inspec QA-QC will help you prepare for your BRC Audit.
  3. Inspec QA-QC will turn every quality sensor into a source of production intelligence and management oversight.
  4. Inspec QA-QC will turn quality into a competitive advantage.

How Inspec QA-QC works for you.

Knock out your keypunching! Smart, intuitive, interactive software replaces repetitive chores. With Inspec QA-QC, your quality data collection is automated!

Enjoy safe, versatile data storage on an industry-standard SQL database for all your quality data: process controls, intake and outgo status measurements, machine conditions, maintenance procedures, food quality tests, environmental conditions, bacterial sweeps… everything.

Fix your filing problems forever. Now you can have the best HACCP plan in the business, without a single file cabinet!

Turn quality control into process automation! Now, in real time, you can know the instant a trend is tipping south … before the specter of product failure can endanger the health of consumers, your relationship with customers, or your bottom line.

Feedback alerts your operators to situations that require action.

Powerul Features of Inspec QA-QC.

  • Turn your quality control data into a goldmine of actionable business intelligence.
  • Reveal trends; deliver cost-saving insights.
  • Quickly quantify what’s wrong with one supplier’s products, or another vendor’s packaging.
  • Give you the power to mine your data yourself, without costly consultants or ISO audits. You’ll suddenly surpass your competitors in process improvement, quality assurance, labor efficiency and management proactivity.

Let Us Show You How It Works.

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Why Coolearth should be your quality assurance partner.

Inspec QA-QC - Quality Assurance

  • We’re experts in the food automation space.
  • Integrate Inspec QA-QC with our Whistle™ WMS/SCE system for a complete quality assurance program across your entire supply chain.
  • Coolearth’s Inspec QA-QC captures convenience with state-of-the-art mobile technologies.
  • You benefit from our nimble service and personal customization for your unique applications.

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