Lot Recall

Recall Traceability.

Quality Assurance

Full Recall Traceability for Receiving and Issuing

Successful product recall traceability is one of the most important challenges any food and beverage, pharmaceutical, or chemical company might face. With always changing and increasingly stringent FDA and USDA requirements, a product recall is a very real possibility and can have a serious impact on the daily operations of the organization.


Link raw materials to finished goods and maintaining the traceability path from receiving goods to knowing what accounts they were shipped to.

Document exactly how much product was manufactured, how much was sold and how much is still in your warehouse.

Track exactly how much product was sold/distributed and how much is still in your warehouse.

Coolearth's Lot Recall Solution can help with audits.

Key Features

From 2001-2017, recall information was generated by a set of stand-alone reports that provided the lot traceability information depending on an input vector. In 2017, Coolearth Software encapsulated the processes involved with generating a recall (real or mock) for documentation, regulatory and preparedness purposes. We offer full recall traceability for receiving and issuing meat and poultry, ingredients, and packaging that comes into contact with product. Standard Coolearth BI Recall Reports provide basic receipt, in-inventory, and shipment traceability information.
  Pre-creates lot-trees in an inventory database
  Accepts lot / mock recall input parameters.
  Creates vendor / input item reports
  Creates in-inventory item reports
Creates customer / output item reports
  Creates adjustment / reclassification / in-transit item reports
  Creates vendor task list for contact / tracking
  Creates in-inventory task list for tracking
  Creates customer task list for contact / tracking
Integration to Inspec QA-QC system,  data collection and task tracking

Organized Reporting

Lot Recall

Be Prepared For An Audit

Includes both forward and backward lot traceability and serial number tracking, mock recall testing, establishment of recall-specific contacts for both suppliers and customers, storing of pre-defined documents and press releases associated with potential recalls, and the ability to email these documents directly to the intended recipients. 

Coolearth's Lot Recall Solution can help with audits.

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