Whistle™ SCE/WMS

Warehouse Management Solution.

Warehouse management software

Increase Productivity – Improving Information

At the core of the Supply Chain Execution solution from Coolearth is Whistle™ SCE/WMS. Coolearth’s Whistle software products provides your organization with the maximum benefit for a fraction of the cost of competing systems.  The result will be significant cost reductions, dramatic improvement of your process control and management tools, and immediate reduction in down time and product waste.


  Digital data collection to reduce costs and increase accuracy

  Warehouse management reducing  costs and increasing productivity

  Reduce standing inventory for more inventory velocity

  Eliminate product loss from expiration

  Real-time ERP integration

  Increase customer satisfaction

Whistle™ SCE/WMS can optimize your production facility.

Reporting and Event Management

Increased Visibility

Whistle features the Whistle™ Dashboard, a completely Web-based dashboard that supports your real-time decision making by providing a single, configurable view into all manufacturing and inventory data. With over 15 standard reports that provide real-time information about order status for receiving, production issuing, production reporting, and shipping. Need more robust reporting? We have it!

Business Intelligence

That provide users with pre-defined alerts when business rules are met or broken such as impending product expiration, below-average production yields, or the warehouse nearing capacity. Dashboard alerts are fully configurable, and can be triggered from any data in your enterprise. Whistle alerts allow you to focus on adding value instead of monitoring the status quo.

Immediate Value

Whistle™ Dashboard is a packaged reporting and event management solution built specifically for manufacturers in the food & beverage, chemical, and other process industries. Powerful dashboard tool for reporting, event management, and business scorecarding. We build them or you do. Coolearth delivers basic BI at a fraction of the cost of custom report development.

Architecture. Scalability.

Whistle grows as your organization grows. Whistle offers a robust three-tiered client-server architecture that is scalable to any facility size and number of concurrent users. Whistle is extremely portable and can be hosted on a variety of application servers, including Windows Server and UNIX-LINUX operating systems, and works with a variety of relational database platforms. Whistle can continue running during network or database failures.
Whistle’s comprehensive architecture enables clients to choose from character or graphical-based user interfaces. The Whistle application server performs all transactions in Whistle. Customers can install Whistle into the same database as their ERP system or keep it on a separate database or server for greater redundancy. Whistle also comes with built-in barcode label printing, a feature normally available only from third-parties costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.
"We required a solution that we could get up and running in less than 30 days. A quick, easy implementation and tight integration with our existing ERP system was a key factor in our selection of Whistle from Coolearth."
National Frozen Foods
National Director of IT

Visualization Framework™

Whistle was developed through the Coolearth Visualization Framework. This advanced C#/C++ object framework enables any Whistle screen to run on virtually any 802.11b or proprietary wireless device.
Our leading technology uniquely positions your company to take full advantage of either traditional character-based or new Windows Embeded Compact handheld and vehicle-mounted computers. In addition, the framework provides screens that are highly configurable, incredibly easy-to-use, multilingual, and optimized for minimum number of keystrokes and scans while maintaining full online validation.

Whistle™ SCE/WMS can optimize your production facility.

Warehouse Management. Proven Technology.


Data Collection that reduces costs while increasing inventory accuracy. Whistle virtually eliminates the tedious data entry associated with manual processing of warehouse transactions and ensures that the data is 100% accurate.


Reducing standing inventory. Whistle enables increased inventory velocity. Combined with improved inventory accuracy, this enables standing inventory to be significantly reduced. With inventory carrying costs estimated at over 20% of inventory value, inventory reduction is a substantial source of savings.


Shop Floor Management and Warehouse Management that reduces material handling costs and increases productivity. Whistle directs material handlers to optimal locations for picking and putaway, reducing travel times and increasing throughput.


Eliminating product loss from expiration. Whistle enforces both first-in-first-out (FIFO) and first-expired-first-out (FEFO) distribution models and ensures that each customer receives product that matches pull date requirements.


Real-time ERP integration. Whistle instantly and seamlessly integrates all inventory transactions into an ERP system. Real-time integration eliminates manual data entry, increases accuracy, improves planning, and enables shop-floor users to query the ERP system for up-to-the-minute data on production orders, shipping orders, etc.


 Improving customer service and increasing customer satisfaction. Whistle increases shipping accuracy and reduces the costs associated with meeting customer-specific demands. Whistle enables the user to set customer-specific rules for shipping, lot tracking, pull date, etc.

Whistle™ SCE/WMS can optimize your production facility.

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