ChemicalsCoolearth Software understands the many challenges facing chemical manufacturers today and has developed solutions to help them by:

Chemical manufacturers waste millions of dollars each year in unnecessary inventory carrying costs. These costs arise from excessive standing inventory and under-utilized or inefficient use of warehouse space.

Reducing Inventory Carrying Costs
Solutions from Coolearth help chemical manufacturers stay competitive by enabling manufacturers to reduce both the quantity of standing inventory and the carrying costs it incurs.

To minimize standing inventories, chemical manufactures must reduce safety stocks and increase the velocity of goods through the facility. To reduce carrying costs, inventory must be proactively managed to ensure that it is being stored, consumed and shipped in an optimal manner. Whistle software from Coolearth can help by providing:

  • Automated Data Collection – Whistle leverages bar coding and other automated data collection technologies for accurate, real-time data. By minimizing inventory uncertainty, Whistle enables companies to reduce safety stocks without compromising their ability to meet order demand.
  • Automated Transactions and Optimized Space Utilization – By automating key transactions and optimizing space usage, Whistle reduces the material handling and data entry costs associated with order fulfillment, effectively enabling companies to increase the velocity of goods through the facility without increasing costs.
  • Support for Bulk Tank and Other Inventory – In addition to support for standard pallet based inventory, Whistle tracks materials in bulk tanks or other container types. Whistle accomplishes this through interfaces to process control software such as Wonderware or Allen Bradley, programmable logic controllers, and metering technologies. Deep factory integration enables a complete view of inventory and production for manufacturers operating with diverse storage requirements.

Providing Accurate Data for Better Decisions
Successful chemical manufactures make real-time decisions to best meet their customer demands while balancing the cost of service. Coolearth’s solution enables accurate real-time production and inventory information by providing:

  • Real-time Facility – Coolearth’s solution features Whistle software that captures production and inventory transactions as they occur, using the latest bar code technology for speed and accuracy.
  • Complete Visibility – Rail car and outgoing tank shipments are tracked with Whistle technology, ensuring that data associated with your largest business partners is not neglected. Since Whistle tracks inventory through your process control systems and other technology, inventory and production control is balanced with your existing order management and other sales activity.
  • Executive Dashboard – Coolearth’s Whistle Dashboard provides a user-configurable, Web-based view into all inventory and production data. Personnel from headquarters to the shop floor gain the ability to view order status, track inventory movements, and view critical metrics such as production yields, warehouse utilization, order fulfillment accuracy, and more. User-configurable alerts allow employees to focus on adding value, confident that Whistle will notify them of problems, such as shortages in time to correct them.

Reducing Operating Expenses to Increase Profitability
Chemical manufacturers face a number of regulatory and competitive challenges. To sustain a competitive advantage in the process marketplace, manufacturers are turning to Coolearth to provide Supply Chain Execution automation technology to cut costs.

Solutions from Coolearth enable production facilities to eliminate manual, redundant, and paper based tasks by providing:

  • Wireless Transaction Processing – Using Whistle software warehouse and production personnel can process transactions directly from the point of action with wireless industrial computer systems. Shipping, receiving, and production processes become streamlined with ‘online’ instruction and confirmation.
  • Real Time Intelligence – Management personnel have real-time visibility into the day-to-day operations of their production facilities. Less time is spent aggregating data from different IT systems in the hybrid production facility; latency between shop floor action and visibility is completely eliminated.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing IT Systems – Coolearth offers tight integration with disparate IT systems such as process control, enterprise resource planning, and order management to keep the hybrid production facility coordinated. Using a solution from Coolearth information about production processes, raw materials, and finished inventory are aligned in one system to minimize complexity.

Meeting Customer Demands for Responsiveness while Cutting Costs
Success in current market conditions is achieved by meeting customer demands for shipments every time, no matter how often they change. To stay competitive, chemical manufacturers face the dual challenge of increasing customer service levels and cutting costs.

Solutions from Coolearth provide chemical manufactures with advanced techniques to meet the increasing demands and reduced lead-times of their customers without building expensive inventory reserves or increasing warehouse expense by providing:

  • Real-time Order Dispatching – Warehouse and production personnel are dispatched to work on the highest priority orders through real-time integration with the ERP or order management system.
  • Directed Picking and Putaway – By optimizing the utilization of warehouse space, Coolearth’s directed picking and putaway increases the efficiency of material handlers that enables higher velocity of products through the plant.
  • Requirements Compliance – Chemical manufacturers operate in compliance with a number of stringent requirements including hazardous material regulations as well as individual customer requests. Whistle enforces rules for material storage based on user definable processes that conform to government regulations and industry best practices. Moreover, Whistle’s proprietary labeling software supports a wide range of labeling scenarios for customers, products, or a cross reference of both.




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