Food and Beverage


AI Disruption of Food Processing and Handling

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is catching the attention of food processing and handling (FP&H) business decision makers across the globe. This is a commercial food service equipment/ software industry that represents a whopping ~$100 billion market. So, why the interest? Benefits of AI in Food Processing and Handling As we all know food processing can …

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Global Food Industry

Global Trends Driving Change In the Food Industry

Companies that best anticipate change will be the leaders in tomorrow’s market. It’s just how business works. Either you’re growing or you’re declining. No idling I’m afraid. This is even more relevant in the food industry global market. Globalization is the future. Are there risks? Whether we like it or not, more food is being …

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Seafood Processing Full Utilization

Seafood Processing Full Utilization

Global fisheries are missing out on millions of dollars in profits from fish and seafood byproducts including lesser-used parts of these species. Seafood processing full utilization offers new opportunities for competitiveness and profitability from what has historically been considered waste. Waste is a waste! Waste is a big issue worldwide in the fish and seafood …

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Quality Assurance

Why Digital QA? Meat Processing

Being responsible for quality assurance can come with serious concerns and worries. Worries like wondering if your employees can efficiently and accurately monitor the right temperature of perishable food and/or meet critical control points. 24/7/365? Antiquated QA systems can be part of the heartburn as well. In my experience it’s not uncommon for food processing …

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