Sustainability – 4 Trends for 2022.

Not surprisingly a recent American Culinary Federation and National Restaurant Association survey identified sustainability as a key Food and Beverage trend specifically referencing:

  • Increase in sustainable (reusable, recyclable) packaging.
  • Zero waste kitchen operations.

Consider these 4 points:

1.) Can you prove it?

“There is a pressing need for companies to work together and with consumers to build trust in claims of zero or negative impact. It is vital to ensure universal acceptance of certifications and greater public faith in the transparency of brand actions. This requires quick, clear, tangible and trusted information combined with a product life story that truly stands up to scrutiny.” – Innova’s Global Lifestyle & Attitude Survey.

2.) Upcycle baby.

Consumers will be seeking brands that implement upcycling, as well as a reduction in water usage and their overall carbon footprint. – Certified B Corp KeHE.

More than 6 billion pounds of produce gets tossed each year before it even leaves the farm, and food waste and loss account for 4% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, according to Ecovia Intelligence.

Ecovia believes that food upcycling will increase with consumers’ education about just how much food is wasted. 2022 could be the year upcycled foods become more mainstream.

3.) Local is cool.

It really is. Younger generations’ interest in the sustainability and social missions of the companies behind the foods they eat also is driving more interest in locally grown foods.

In fact, companies are starting to use their environmental friendliness as a selling point, with some even offering to connect customers with the farm where the produce they buy was grown.

4.) Packing the right way.

As it turns out, focus on sustainability also is sparking new interest in sustainable food packaging.

“Expect those trends to reemerge in 2022, as Gen Z comes into greater purchase power, and people start taking a hard look at single-use plastic, and the shortcomings of municipal recycling systems again.” – Pamela Riemenschneider, Retail Editor for Blue Book Services. Possible options for increased usage include paper straws, compostable trays and clamshells, compostable bags, and produce sold in bulk.

Let Coolearth Software Services help you through the maze of sustainability and traceability. Give us a call to learn more.

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