Food Processing

9 Weird Food Processing Items to Ponder.

Warning: Some food processing items are a little cringeworthy.

1. Pretty things sell.
Did you know that almost half of all food produced worldwide is thrown out because it doesn’t fit the customer idea of appearance. This waste is criminal.

2. Swim in milk.
The milk used by Starbucks alone can fill up to 150 swimming pools in a year.

3. Consuming processed foods.
70% of the foods that you eat are processed and 7 out of 10 of all the foods you eat are altered with some kind of chemical ingredient. I know yum, right?

4. You probably don’t want to know about meat slurry.
Chicken nuggets are made of meat slurry with some normal chicken breast, fat, bone, nerve, connective tissue, and epithelium. Of course, with some great sauce who cares.

5. Seaweed in your ice cream?
There’s seaweed in your ice cream! If it shows the ingredient “carrageenan” it’s actually seaweed extract for texture of ice cream.

6. Tastes a little buggy don’t you know.
Stuff happens and so does pieces of yukky stuff from time to time. FDA regulations allow for small amounts of outside contaminants, including rodent hair, insects, and insect eggs.

7. Filler up.
When you buy ground beef, a portion of it might contain a filler which is pretty similar to the “meat slurry” you find in chicken nuggets.

8. Gas it! Is it really “Fresh” Beef?
To keep meat from changing color as it ages, many food processing plants treat the meat with carbon monoxide to keep it red. While it’s not bad for you it really is a little misleading.

9. Frozen veggies versus fresh.
Both peaches and peas are picked and then frozen at their peak of freshness. Because they’re frozen so quickly, no preservatives needed to keep them fresh.

Have fun dazzling your fellow foodies with your brilliance.

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