Food Safety Analysis Plan – Digitization

In its simplest form, food safety analysis is defined as a crucial process in providing certainty that products are safe for consumers to eat. In other words, for food suppliers, quality assurance should be a high priority as the risk of product recalls, or warnings, can have a serious negative impact on their business, brand and even bottom line.

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The best way to proceed with an analysis that products are safe is with a plan. In today’s digital world, digitization can play a huge role here. Looking for speed, accuracy and compliance you need a plan.

Get started with a plan.

1. Enter your food product information.

  • Brand owners, co-packers, distributors, restaurants, and farmers need to record information about their food products to generate a Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant plan. This includes items such as their facility information, supply-chain documentation, hazard analysis, controls, and procedures.

Food Safety Plan Builder Download

2. Provide documentation for inspectors and executives.

  • Comprehensive reports need to be retrieved quickly with the latest and up-to-date information for food safety inspections, auditors, retail executives, and more. Digitizing this data is crucial for speed and accuracy.

Food Safety and FSMA 2020

Product recalls cost food and beverage companies millions of dollars each year. With that said,

“…most recalls (56%) resulted from operational mistakes, such as incorrect labeling, the presence of an undeclared ingredient, or contamination during the production process.” – Queen’s University.

In other words, preventable. With compliance challenges becoming more complex and public scrutiny exponentially greater, one recall can have serious repercussions.

The new US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) seeks to encourage a more proactive and predictive approach to safety.

Learn how automation can help you comply and avoid a costly product recall.

Coolearth Software Inspec QA-QC will turn every quality sensor into a source of production intelligence and management oversight.

Coolearth can free your quality management from guesswork, tribal knowledge and inefficiency with integrated workflow, data collection and analytics designed specifically for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Coolearth’s Inspec QA-QC and Lot Recall software, along with their consulting efforts and mobile data collection tools which they can integrate, will allow your organization to automate your quality assurance data collection with speed and accuracy.




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