food trivia quiz

Food Trivia Quiz.

Hey Foodie… How much do you really know? Take the Food Trivia Quiz!

Test your peers to see how savvy they are. Don’t peek at the answers below until you’ve gone through the questions!

1. What was served in Ancient Greece to help athletes get more energy during their Olympic games?

2. Other than warding off vampires, what does garlic do to help with heart disease?

3. Whose pizza was the most expensive ever made?

4. Where does gelatin come from?

5. What fruit uses a “bounce test” to see if is ripe?

6. Meringue is made from?

7. Haricot beans are used for?

8. Mageirocophobia is a fear of?

9. What is dried salted fish also called?

10. Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of?

11. Clarence Birdseye, around 1930, is known for what?

12. Omega 3, fatty acid, is found where?

13. Are coffee beans grown in the U.S.?


You peeked!

Answer 1. Cheesecake
Answer 2. Lowers cholesterol levels
Answer 3. Louis Xlll, 12 thousand bucks!
Answer 4. Skin and bones of animals
Answer 5. Cranberries
Answer 6. Whipped egg whites
Answer 7. Baked beans. Also called Navy, Faggioli and Boston beans
Answer 8. Cooking
Answer 9. Bombay Duck
Answer 10. Peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth or choking on it
Answer 11. Quick freezing techniques used today
Answer 12. Typically in fish
Answer 13. Yep, Hawaii


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