Labeling Trends in 2022: Production Line Reporting.

I’m a “glass half full” kind of guy. I totally believe things will begin to “normalize” the middle to later part of 2022 for the shop floor. This also brings its own set of issues, albeit good ones. Companies are now actively analyzing business agility and technology adoption to prepare for the turbulence of a rebounded economy and to compete in the next growth period that’s already starting to appear.

With that said, labeling technology will be a big piece in making this happen on the production floor. Here is my take on what’s driving the technology push and how labeling will support those trends and help keep you ahead of the curve. Not totally conclusive but a good starting point.

If you’re unsure where to start with labeling / production reporting , get in touch with a Coolearth Software expert to assess your current environment and help you find the best labeling / reporting new inventory at the point of production software solution to fit your business.

What’s driving the need for technology?

Worker shortages are driving demand for automation technology and creating workflows for today’s needs. Automation is vital in helping manufacturers compensate for a worker shortage and eliminate time-consuming and error-prone processes. Here are 5 items to consider:

  • Once label printing automation software is configured with your system, little to no manual maintenance is required typically.
  • Eliminating manual data entry – integration, label printing process speed could increase as much as two-fold plus.
  • Connecting label software with your existing on-premise or cloud-based ERP, WMS, or custom business system is a powerful tool for all aspects of your business. Real-time and/or historical.
  • Ensure label accuracy by reducing human interactions which requires fewer people and decreases the opportunity for error.
  • Create a simpler process for your print users, reducing stress and saving time.

Industry 4.0 will accelerate digital technology adoption and label management.

Industry 4.0 (fourth industrial revolution) describes the trend towards smart factories in manufacturing. Gartner defines smart factories … “as a concept to describe the application of different combinations of modern technologies to create a hyperflexible, self-adapting manufacturing capability.”

Cloud-ready and centralized enterprise label management solutions allow companies to handle label design, approval, printing, and reporting from a single location. Companies are adopting and seeing results from more connected, reliable, efficient, and predictive processes.

Coolearths CaseForge can help!

    ✔ Report at point of production

    ✔ Customized labels per item

    ✔ Different default labels per line

    ✔ Access to large number of data fields

    ✔ Printing architecture is configurable

    ✔ Central database storage of labels

Labels are becoming more and more important for safety, visibility and production viability over all. Manual processes will be too slow and too error-prone. If you haven’t yet you need to start your investigation into the new solutions for labeling.

Set your company up for success.

Coolearth Software has over 20+ years of experience helping companies around the world build efficient and effective labeling environments. We understand every industry and business is different and have their own unique labeling challenges or goals.

Let Coolearth assess your current labeling process for improvements – such as CaseForge, a robust label printing, centralized label management and reporting at point of production line production tool. Your labeling environment will be stable and agile enough to change with industry trends through 2022 and beyond.

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