Plastic Ban

Plastic Ban Packaging and Labeling – 5 Recommendations.

A plastic ban of all packaging and containers in the Food & Beverage industry is probably not going to happen anytime soon. With that said, there are improvements needed to clean up packaging and labeling “misinformation” that could be made. Current labeling can be confusing to the consumer. F & B can do a better job.

“Could we just get rid of all plastic packaging? Sadly, no. Some of it is considered inescapable. Plastic lengthens the life of produce. It provides a barrier to bacteria, a film to lock in protective gas and a convenient waterproof layer. It would be difficult to imagine buying products like fish without it.” – a good company

To minimize consumer confusion on recycling there are 5 recommendations to consider.

1. Start Here: Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information. Processors should try to adhere to labeling guidelines in this document.

2. Plastic packaging and labeling should be consistent with global trends if at all possible. Consistency for the consumer is important.

3. Local accessibility is important. Package information should reflect key elements of compostability and biodegradability. Ability to follow recycling guidelines need to be easily performed locally or nothing will take place.

4. Symbolism on a label needs to be standardized and easy to understand. Consumer confusion only creates non-action eliminating progress.

5. Finally, reinforcement and enforcement need to take place. Dedicated, innovative and ambitious evangelists need to be heard. They need a real voice explaining business implications if not followed. Not just because it “feels right” but things that make business sense. Like sustainability for example.

“Labeling on plastic packaging, including beverages and other food products, does not always provide clear and actionable information to the consumer.” – Consumers International Director General, Helena Leurent

This is just a short list with many other things to consider as well. Like a complete plastic ban using alternative products for example. It’s important to re-focus on the environment as Covid-19’s impact settles down. Sustainability is at risk if not taken seriously. Sustainability is crucial to the Food & Beverage industry.

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