3 Important Technology Trends – AI, EDA, and 5G.

Technology is always evolving, and organizations that evolve with it tend to succeed. Coolearth Software works with all kinds of processing plants and it’s pretty obvious who stays abreast of the latest technology and those that are still in the dark ages of data collection. Below are three trends that you should look at: Artificial …

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Warehouse Management

6 Warehouse Management Trends – WMS.

Warehouses are seeing spikes in traffic with instant online access. They need the ability to run with the trends and automate their manual warehouse management processes. On top of that, a global pandemic has disturbed the supply-chain industry, re-emphasized its importance, and created entirely new goals and outlooks for years to come. Is your warehouse …

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AI Disruption of Food Processing and Handling

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is catching the attention of food processing and handling (FP&H) business decision makers across the globe. This is a commercial food service equipment/ software industry that represents a whopping ~$100 billion market. So, why the interest? Benefits of AI in Food Processing and Handling As we all know food processing can …

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Coolearth Software




Mobile Warehouse Management App 


Powerful Mobile Design!

A Warehouse Management System literally in the palm of your hand. Easy to use interface with the factory employee in mind. Hardware agnostic!

Don’t let the simple, easy-to-use interface fool you! 20+ years experienced power is behind every icon and scan touch.

Integration with centralized data is a no-brainer. From Spreadsheets to full on ERP Systems, you will have your company WMS data at your fingertips real-time.