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Turn-key Solution for Line Production

SeaTac, Washington (June 24th, 2020) – Coolearth Software has just released their ALL NEW CaseForge Production Line Reporting Station!

Coolearth’s popular full-featured CaseForge software is now combined with their pre-engineered hardware solution becoming a robust turnkey solution for production line labeling and reporting. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out the “right” total solution they offer a combined solution engineered upon their 20+ years experience with the Food and Beverage Industry.

CaseForge Station

Quick Rundown of The New Solution.
Handle diverse production runs and unique line requirements easily.
Warehouse friendly touchscreen interface enhances operator productivity.
Simple networking capability allows front office oversight.
Easy correction functions enhance efficiency.
Pull out drawers designed for quick access.
Universally available components assure economical maintainability.
Complies with NTEP and Legal-for-Trade use.
NEMA-4X certified to withstand tough washdown environments.

Why Hardware? Production Line Reporting.
Mike Coleman, CEO of Coolearth Software, has been asked time and time again to quote a “total” solution including Coolearth’s full-featured software solutions. “It just made sense… as who better knows what is needed, hardware and software, than our 20+ years field experience team.”

Coolearth is certainly experts in their field.

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Mobile Warehouse Management App 


Powerful Mobile Design!

A Warehouse Management System literally in the palm of your hand. Easy to use interface with the factory employee in mind. Hardware agnostic!

Don’t let the simple, easy-to-use interface fool you! 20+ years experienced power is behind every icon and scan touch.

Integration with centralized data is a no-brainer. From Spreadsheets to full on ERP Systems, you will have your company WMS data at your fingertips real-time.