Food Safety

Is Your Turkey Safe? Holiday Food Safety Quiz.

During the coming holidays, thoughts turn to family and food. Food safety may take a back seat as we prepare for the traditional holiday feasts. Especially the turkey (or meats of any kind). See how you do on this holiday food safety quiz, based on information from the USDA.

Food Safety Quiz

1. Hand sanitizers are a good option when you do not have access to soap and water.


2. Chlorine bleach makes an effective sanitizer and germ killer.


3. Approximately, how long should you allow for thawing a frozen turkey in the refrigerator?

    a. 24 hours per each 1–2 pounds of turkey
    b. 24 hours per each 4–5 pounds of turkey
    c. 24 hours per each 6–7 pounds of turkey

4. Cooking a stuffed turkey is riskier than cooking a non-stuffed turkey.


5. The safe minimum internal temperature for cooking a turkey is 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


6. It is a good idea to wash meat before cooking.


7. If you have leftover turkey in the refrigerator, you should eat it within how many days?

    a. 1-2 days
    b. 2-3 days
    c. 3-4 days
    d. 4-5 days

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Answers: 1. T, 2. T, 3. B, 4. T, 5. T, 6. F, 7. C

– For more food safety info:
– Poison Control Help. CALL: 1-800-222-1222 ONLINE:

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