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5 Powerful Reasons to Use Manufacturing Software.

Whether your business is manufacturing focused or if manufacturing represents sections within your operations, production of goods at the right time and accurately is an ever-present battle. On top of that, if a product turns out less than satisfactory, your customers can ask for refunds (ouch), or worse. For example, Food & Beverage production can be halted and large fines can ensue. Not good for the bottom line to be sure.

One of the top reasons for mistakes is miscommunication caused by less than reliable information flow between the supplier, outdated data collection and ultimately internal employees. Label misinformation is a great example of this. If you feel at any level that you might be headed this way maybe a bit of self examination is needed?

Consider these questions. Self examination.

  • Is your supplier relationship management information scattered in different systems across the business? Are there key employees that keep information close to the vest so as to increase their importance?
  • Are you drowning in spreadsheets and check off forms as you try to manage increasing production in your manufacturing business?
  • Do you make last-minute changes on your current paper production orders, alter measurements, add side comments, cross things out or update orders/projects?
  • Do you often miss production deadlines or not able to consistently forecast due dates? Are you not sure how long it would take to deliver finished goods?
  • Can you easily monitor work progress and/or time spent by each worker on their tasks?
  • If an audit comes your way can you respond effectively?

Not feeling warm and fuzzy about how you answered some of the above questions? My guess is you could benefit from using a manufacturing software solution in your company.

Here are 5 reasons to strongly consider a software manufacturing solution:

1. How you look to others.
First impressions are extremely important and being able to back up promises made is crucial. Doing that in a concise and timely manner is expected by today’s customers. How’s that working for you today?

When you use manufacturing software, you can check/scan an order into the system with a few swipes on a phone, tablet or scanner. The important point of this is that the order is now in the system immediately, and your employees can proceed as soon as you enter it. No delay, little chance of errors. You can also attach photos with product specifics , your comments (ex. urgent), etc. If there is an issue, detailed tracking is simple.

2. Centralized information is good.
Even a small mistake, misunderstanding, or a lapse in communication can prove detrimental for any manufacturing/processing. It is much easier to organize production with the support of manufacturing software. Monitor order patterns and set tasks for follow up for example. Always with the idea that you are treating any order with great care and offering the best quality of service. Accurate, easy to access data is critical.

3. Costs are important. – Buy what you need for your manufacturing software needs.
Mistakes and complaints caused by delays can cost a company a bundle. It is important to follow all manufacturing orders and production with a centralized tool. This can be a single tool or a suite of tools like Coolearth Software offers. The nice thing about a suite of tools is that you have more control over what you need. No bloated expensive one size fits all approach.

Seamless collaboration across your team by using an integrated tool for production planning, stock control, and shop floor reporting is imperative.

4. Mistakes. Oops, we did it again…
It’s not brain surgery to understand that doing a job multiple times from errors/mistakes means cut margins and non-acceptable profits. In most cases, it turns out that the problem isn’t in poor quality or efficiency but mainly due to chaos in communication. Consistently trying to fix these errors/mistakes can be extremely demotivating for employees, and possibly financially trying as well.

5. Reputations are on the line.
Wouldn’t it be great to become a household name straight away. Unfortunately, it typically doesn’t work that way. The ability to earn trust and a good reputation comes with time.

We all want to get recognized as a reliable company, get positive reviews, and more business. A manufacturing software solution can help you retain valuable company expertise built over time. Mistakes do happen. It’s how you deal with, learn from, and correct them that makes all the difference.


In today’s media world, remarks and comments are easily visible to everybody. Having a manufacturing tool can help keep this positive. If you would like to know more about how Coolearth can help you with this feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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