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Holistic Approach to Warehouse Management.

To stay competitive, warehouses can no longer be considered as static storage locations. They need to be integrated with the overall supply chain processes. Warehouse Management Systems solutions can be critical for a holistic approach.

Warehousing is important!

Warehousing is basically two components:
Supply: On the supply side there must be efficient handling, inventory management, product flow, transportation and delivery.
Demand: From the demand point of view the warehouse must meet all customer-specific requirements quickly and with maximum flexibility.

While the warehouse was previously viewed as far less important than sales or manufacturing, many companies are increasingly finding that an efficient, integrated warehouse is actually a critical part to their overall holistic success.

A method to the madness. Holistic warehouse management.

A holistic approach should offer a comprehensive methodology that encompasses all aspects of running and improving integrated warehouse systems. Taking a holistic view on improving warehousing efficiencies by focusing on collaborative processes is a great first step. Steps like:

  • Processes and Techniques: Taking consideration of best practice and specific requirements to ensure maximum utility.
  • Systems: That combine a strong theoretical and practical approach to compliment internal operations.
  • Flow of Goods: Flow of goods and stock between locations to provide for better decision making and improved inventory management.
  • Human Touch: Despite advancements in warehouse technologies, internal activities are still largely manual. Improving staff utilization will result in positive returns across throughput and labour productivity.
  • Analytics: Benchmark current performance against industry standards and set key warehouse metrics with performance data.


An understanding of operational processes and to manage them in a holistic manner takes some changes in thought. Communicating/cooperating across sectors that influence operations will uncover significant and quantifiable savings. It’s time to consider a holistic approach.

If you would like to learn more about Coolearth’s WMS solutions contact us here.

Resource: https://www.supplychainmarket.com/doc/a-holistic-approach-to-warehouse-optimization-0001

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