Integrated WMS and ERP

What are the Benefits of an Integrated WMS and ERP System?

Knowing what tools a company needs to carry out their successful manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment activities is crucial to their success. An Integrated WMS and ERP System – into a holistic solution – is what will make their enterprise a well-oiled machine.

Choose Wisely.

An integrated WMS and ERP solution can help your warehouse use technology to the utmost degree. This will allow you to focus on improving processes and speeding up shipments as well as other warehouse operations and activities.

With a WMS program that works tightly with your ERP solution, you gain business-wide traceability, employee accountability, and real-time speed and responsiveness. Through scan guns and barcodes, you can move from manual paper entry to a digital Mobile WMS environment that eliminates duplicity of data entry and the infamous costly human entry error that accompanies it.

A Mobile WMS solution offers a tremendous value-ad to any ERP such as:

  • Reduced fulfillment time
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Improved customer service
  • Greater space utilization
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • Reduced labor cost

One-Stop Shop Reality Check.

Integrating warehouse management with resource planning is not only the next logical step for growing companies, it’s a necessity for companies that wish to scale with a growing business. On top of scalability, integration also helps to prevent costly data redundancies or worse, data silos that drain time and resources from your operations. Powerful stuff.

While I know it’s tempting to look at one-stop shop solutions for ERP and WMS integration most times you typically get a very watered down version of either if not both. Also, one-stop doesn’t mean one support and even someone that is a subject matter expert of one solution or the other. Most times the solution offered, WMS for example, was a purchase of a company with their own expertise if any. Frustrating support and now you’re stuck with a bloated solution and no flexibility. Flexibility of not putting all your warehouse software needs into one basket can be prudent.

A unified solution with no finger pointing or contact/support confusion can be powerful. Coolearth Software offers powerful Mobile WMS solutions like WhistlePRO and integrates with ERP’s like NorthScope ERP, Quickbooks Enterprise ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and ERPNext as well as others. Flexibility, power and ease of mind. Contact us to learn more. .

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