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Fresh Produce Traceability and Transparency.

Those responsible for growing, distributing, and shipping fresh produce need to have total visibility into their supply chain. It’s so important that traceability solutions are implemented to best accomplish those aims.

Traceability is key in virtually every industry, but it’s especially so for those working in agriculture. Today’s consumers want to know where their food is coming from and how it was processed so they can make socially and environmentally conscious decisions about which businesses they support.

“The growing utilization of organic wash water for minimization of chlorine contents in processed fruits & vegetable products will drive the processed fruits and vegetables market segment growth.” – Global Market Insight

When you have access to impressive traceability and tracking systems like Coolearth Software offers, you can provide that information as a selling point.

Foodborne illness is a costly problem.

Also in many cases, traceability comes into play during food recalls or reports of foodborne illness. One only has to do a quick internet search to find that the data on food contamination that resulted in foodborne illnesses likely occurred during the growing, harvesting, packing, holding, or transportation processes.

If a fresh produce item becomes contaminated, traceability will allow for the protection of consumer health while minimizing potential losses for growers, shippers, and distributors. If your traceability process is sound, you won’t have to recall an entire lot of goods; instead, you can identify which products are affected, where they’re currently being sold, and potentially recall them with greater accuracy.

Bottom line, robust traceability and tracking can prioritize public health adherence and the health of your business in general.

Improve your fresh produce traceability? Management Software.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to improve fresh produce traceability is by utilizing supply chain management software. Supply chain management software vendors, like Coolearth Software, understand the struggle many growers, distributors, and shippers face when keeping up with various aspects of the fulfillment process. Instead of relying on outdated methods of traceability and subsequently risk damage to your brand or customers, it’s best to let supply chain management software do the work. You can easily transition from a paper system to a digital one, allowing your organization to adopt the cutting-edge technology to protect your brand, your vendors, and your end customers.

If you want to remain compliant, increase efficiency, gain peace of mind, and reduce frustrations, you’ll want to focus more heavily on traceability in 2021 and going forward. Coolearth Software’s Plant Management Suite can help you accomplish that goal. To get started or for more information, please contact us now!

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