Labeling Trends

Line Production and Labeling Trends.

Centralizing, simplifying and standardizing labeling processes is and will continue to be key labeling trends in line production. Modern label management systems should interface with a range of direct marketing and labeling printers addressing countless digital transformations, cloud adoptions and convergence of labeling systems.

Labels are important.

Can we put the last couple of years behind us please? What a ride for food manufacturers and supply chains worldwide, and at the center of many conversations within these industries was and is… the label. There are always the typical issues like mislabeled allergens, etc., but there are now new issues with labels. Issues like ingredient substitutions without label updates for example. With these new issues and others, digital label management is being adopted at an accelerated rate and for good reason.

Businesses will need to ensure their labeling is up to par if they want to withstand new challenges and keep up with the trends transforming supply chains and food manufacturing.

Labeling trends to watch for:

Integration: Convergence of factory labeling, artwork and everything in between. Most likely this will disrupt the labeling market in some way.

Centralized label management: Systems will need to interface with a wide variety of devices and functions. Vision Inspection systems, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management systems to name a few.

Data services as actionable intel: The increased accessibility and use of labeling-based data will drive efficiencies across the industry.

Cloud solutions: Now, as we move into post pandemic and beyond, an integrated, cloud-first labeling approach will keep flourishing to aid in remote work, regulatory compliance and more.

A note to think about however, many producers have line production/labeling facilities in remote locations with a limited, and not necessarily reliable, data infrastructure. Until these issues are resolved a cloud solution may not be an option.

Vision inspection: This technology is a leap forward in providing a great way to certify label quality. It can ensure text and barcodes on a label are as expected. No surprises.

Why have you not digitally transformed your labeling? What’s the wait?

Partnering with a company like Coolearth Software can really help here. We understand the labeling needs of your industry with our 20+ years of experience. Product solutions like CaseForge are a great example of just how we do it. If you have any questions on how to proceed with a digital labeling solution you can contact us anytime.

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