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Plant Management Solutions, ERP and Why Agnostic is Important.

Plant management solutions like warehouse management systems (WMS) and supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, are critical components of any manufacturing/processing company. Gathering data at critical points greatly enhances these systems with enterprise resource planning (ERP) completing the total solution many times.

Purchasing and especially training on these systems can be quite time consuming and expensive. Sometimes the desperate systems don’t work well with others entirely. Because of this, some companies have started to take a one stop shop approach for a total operations management solution to cut these costs and incompatibilities. But, is that a good thing?

Eggs in one basket.

ERP solutions can help management monitor and analyze data from day to day business processes to full-on manufacturing processes. Some are even offering shop floor control and mobility solutions for a complete solution. But what happens if you decide to change the ERP to a different solution provider? Putting all your eggs into the one stop shop ERP solution could turn out to be a disaster in the future.

Agnostic can be better.

Having a different product/vendor for your plant management and data collection makes sense really. Agnostic shop floor control and mobility solutions make it easy to quickly and accurately gather information from the manufacturing process regardless of the ERP. Many times they can be implemented without an ERP connection at first to get things working immediately and easily with great savings of time and money.

– Quick shop floor implementations without an ERP at first
– Change your ERP easily without starting everything from scratch
– Large ERP company slow to deal with wms, line production, labeling and quality control solutions issues. Their focus is on ERP.

If the plant management solutions provider is on top of ERP integrations then solutions can be implemented in unison with each other. This is what Coolearth Software has done successfully for 20+ years.

The right provider. An ERP agnostic partner.

Really, this is the key to making any solution work. Coolearth Software was designed to deal with plant floor integrations and robust data collection solutions from day one. 24/7/365. We understand that this is crucial to those in charge of operations and management. They want to talk to someone and not go into a lengthy que for support. We always give that personal touch that quite honestly you will never get from a large enterprise resource planning company.

While putting all your eggs into one basket might sound great on paper it typically never works out that way. Most operations and management teams have already experienced this at some time in their career. Remember how that felt? Partner with a solution provider like Coolearth Software that has been successfully integrating into ERP systems of all types for over 20 years.

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